Posted on 31st March 2014

A North Wales business man found himself facing 8 separate allegations of fraud on his company which at the time was indebted to the Natwest Bank. Although the business was solvent it was referred to the now notorious RBS GRG (Global Restructuring Group) who insisted on the appointment of a consultant. The consultant ended up acquiring the business for nothing before selling it for almost £1 million. He reported the original owner to police and pressed hard for his prosecution. He was arrested and charged. On being handed disclosure provided following the issue of witness summons against liquidators, accountants and RBS the CPS offered no evidence. They could not rely upon the evidence of the bank appointed consultant as being truthful.

The Lawrence Tomlinson report into the activities of RBS GRG is now available on line

Ian Bridge, a specialist fraud practitioner at No5 Chambers, defended in this case. If you or your business has been adversely effected by the activities of RBS GRG we may be able to assist. Please click here to contact us.