Posted on 16th March 2015

NoVate Direct Legal Solutions has access to lawyers with specialist knowledge of all aspects of educational needs and education law.

As well as providing assistance to school and college governors and voluntary sector organisations who work with children and families, NoVate can help with appeals relating to a child’s special educational needs, provision and placement, admissions and disciplinary procedures including refusals to provide a statutory assessment or a refusal to make a statement. The friendly and knowledgeable team at NoVate can also point you in the direction of experts in disability discrimination, including issues relating to transport and the interaction between family law and education law.

NoVate Direct Legal Solutions is a not for profit company which refers cases to specialist lawyers at no cost to the client.

The company is supported by No5 Chambers, one of the largest sets of Chambers in the UK with more than 240 specialist barristers including 28 Queen’s Counsel.

A recent change in the law governing access to barristers means that members of the public can approach a barrister directly without having to go through a solicitor. But this has brought an increasing competition between lawyers and other service providers making the marketplace more confusing than ever.

Novate Direct Legal Solutions offers a friendly service designed to guide you through your legal problems ensuring you choose the right legal team at the right cost. The team has substantial experience in appeals related to statements of special educational needs and can provide advice and training in all aspects of the new Children and Families Act 2014.

NoVate is passionate about helping parents and children get what they are entitled to.  Many parents feel concerned about their child’s progress and getting advice on their rights.  They are concerned about whether or not their child has had their special educational needs properly identified or if they are getting the right level of the right type of support in the right school.

NoVate is able to recommend lawyers who have successfully helped parents get statutory assessments, statements of special educational needs, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, specialist help for children who are hearing impaired or visually impaired and helped parents to get the right school for their child.  Parents seeking a mainstream placement or specialist independent placement have also been helped.

With particular expertise in relation to school transport and the overlap between aspects of family law and special educational needs, NoVate has access to many education law barristers. If your case requires a solicitor, a legal expert will be recommended to suit your budget.

For further information email, call 0845 201 0160 or complete a contact form.