Posted on 13th August 2020

When students receive their A-Level and GCSE exam results on 13 August and 20 August 2020 respectively, the usual mixture of emotions will fill homes throughout England. This year, however, confusion and concern may well be more prominent emotions from students and staff alike:

“Why has my Maths grade been lowered from the predicted A to a C?”

“Why have all my students been marked down a whole grade from those grades I submitted?”

“How do I challenge this result?”

While students and educational establishments are almost certainly now aware of the measures introduced this year for grading GCSEs and A-Levels in light of the Covid-19-related cancellation of the May/June exams this year, a number of questions remain as to the practicalities of challenging results with which students are unhappy. Given the Scottish experience of Results Day 2020 on 4 August 2020, which some sources report is likely to generate upwards of 100,000 appeals, it is likely that the coming month is going to see a significant amount of appeals made.

In order to assist those students and schools faced with these unprecedented “Results Days”, the Education Law Team will be publishing a series of resources and short articles. Links to these resources can be found here:

  1. Routes to Appeal Exam Results (GCSE, AS and A-Levels) in England and Wales – Summer 2020 – a detailed flowchart of the routes to appeal, prepared by Kawsar Zaman.

Please do check back for updates over the coming days and weeks, as the Education Law Team respond to further developments and address some of the complexities of the processes. If, after considering these resources, assistance is required please do let us know.

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