What advantage is there to me coming to NoVate?

- The legal market is saturated with lawyers of all descriptions who practice from within an increasing volume of legal entities.
- NoVate is managed by staff with decades of experience in the legal services market. We remove, what for many, has been a lottery in choosing the right legal team to present their case. There is no cost to approach NoVate for a recommendation on the best legal team, we can obtain quotes and/or agree the fees you will pay the legal team you choose in advance of you confirming their appointment.

What is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor?

Traditionally, barristers have represented people in court as advocates. Solicitors handle transactions and legal matters where there is no dispute, such as Wills, on behalf of clients. They also deal with disputes on criminal matters, and with the correspondence and documents involved in litigation. Solicitors instruct barristers on behalf of clients principally to appear in court. Changes in regulation have made it easier for both professionals to handle a wider range of work and increasingly barristers are instructed by businesses and members of the public directly.

What are the advantages of consulting a barrister?

Cost and efficiency. Inevitably, if both solicitors and barristers are involved this can increase the costs. Many problems do not need two types of lawyer, some are best handled by solicitors, others by barristers. We can advise you on the most cost effective way to handle your problem.

Will I have to do a lot of legal work myself if I use a barrister?

NoVate would not suggest instructing a barrister unless the amount of legal paperwork was manageable. You would be told exactly what you have to do and be given draft letters and advice by your barrister.

Can I come to NoVate if my case is funded by legal aid?

Yes, we can help advise you on the best route to take, although barristers cannot be instructed directly where a case is funded by legal aid so we may direct you to a solicitor who can assist.

Can I still contact you for help after I have been referred?

Yes. Whilst we expect those to whom we have referred your case to satisfy all your needs we will offer you any support and assistance should you not be content with the service you receive.

Is NoVate Regulated?

If your case is referred to a barrister or solicitor, please be assured all of our recommended solicitors are regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority and all of our barristers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.