Worried about going to court or costs? Mediation may be the answer to bring a swift settlement to your case.

From £750 you could settle your case without the need to go to court.
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We also offer Family Mediation Services starting from £75 per hour per person.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process where parties in dispute agree to jointly instruct a mediator to try and reach a settlement without the need for legal proceedings. The process is entirely confidential, and the mediator helps people work together to resolve issues without the atmosphere being adversarial and relationships being damaged.

What does the mediator do?

Your mediator works with you in an informal environment to explore the dispute and gather information impartially. Their aim is to bridge gaps and bring parties together in agreement rather than impose a ruling or hand down a judgement. The mediator remains neutral throughout the process.

At the end of the process the mediator will produce a binding legal agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding on which agreement can be based.


Unlike court proceedings, involvement in mediation is a voluntary process and the parties themselves are always in control. The process can be ended at anytime and by any party, and if mediation does breakdown, because the process is confidential no party’s position is affected at trial.

Mediation offers a flexible approach to conflict resolution and does not run to a rigid framework, so it is fair to say that the outcomes of mediation can be less restrictive as they are not bound by the letter of the law.

Why would I choose not to go to court?

Courts are increasingly expecting parties to have tried Alternative Dispute Resolution (of which mediation is an element) to resolve their dispute in advance of trial.  By taking part in mediation, the parties have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain in terms of time and cost, by attempting to mediate their dispute.

Mediation can save time and money

Mediation is cheaper than pursuing disputes through the courts. Sessions can be arranged quickly and to suit everyone’s convenience without having to wait for court dates to accommodate a contested hearing.

What is the next step?
Contact Novate Direct Legal Solutions to discuss the mediators and the fees we can offer. We can provide private, comfortable facilities to conduct the Mediation in Birmingham, London, Leicester and Bristol or our mediators can travel to alternative locations if this is more convenient to the parties.

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