If you have a professional negligence issue, we can help.

The work usually involves serious reputational issues and is conducted in the High Court but we can provide experienced lawyers at every level who have an excellent track record in advising soundly, representing clients skillfully and achieving highly satisfactory outcomes to claims.

Our lawyers act for a wide range of professional bodies, insurers and individuals. This experience enables NoVate Direct Legal Solutions to turn around urgent paper work and assist the legal team when urgently required to do so.

We can provide experienced lawyers who have an excellent track record in representing clients skilfully and achieving highly satisfactory outcomes to claims.

We can help you find the best professional negligence law barristers to suit your needs, for further information please call 0845 201 0160 or email info@novatedls.com.

If you require a solicitor, we can recommend a legal expert to suit your needs and budget.


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